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Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce

WIBA Past Recipients and Finalists

Since 2000, the Women in Business Awards have recognized the outstanding contributions of women in business throughout Niagara. The full list of recipients is below.

From 2000 through 2009, a single woman was recognized as the Business Woman of the Year. Starting in 2010, the awards were expanded to recognize women across multiple categories. In 2014, the first Lifetime Achievement Award was bestowed to Sheryl Wherry and in the years since the Women in Business Awards have continued to recognize both nominees and bestowed recipients across a diverse range of business categories.

2000Business Woman of the YearJackie KevillLoony Lizard Ltd.Recipient
2001Business Woman of the YearMargie SpenceRoyal LePage Niagara Real Estate Centre Inc.Recipient
2001Business Woman of the YearJanet JohnstonFinalist
2001Business Woman of the YearNance MacLeodFinalist
2001Business Woman of the YearJune JobsonFinalist
2001Business Woman of the YearBarbara GrundFinalist
2001Business Woman of the YearLaura BruceFinalist
2001Business Woman of the YearMarilyn BodoghFinalist
2001Business Woman of the YearCarolyn GearFinalist
2001Business Woman of the YearChristine DernederlandenFinalist
2001Business Woman of the YearAnn MantiniFinalist
2001Business Woman of the YearWanda HardingFinalist
2001Business Woman of the YearIneke BrinkmanFinalist
2002Business Woman of the YearAngie StraussStrauss Galleries Inc.Recipient
2002Business Woman of the YearSusan BocchinfusoFinalist
2002Business Woman of the YearMarilyn BodoghFinalist
2002Business Woman of the YearIneke BrinkmanFinalist
2002Business Woman of the YearKristin BrunsdaleFinalist
2002Business Woman of the YearShawna CokeFinalist
2002Business Woman of the YearChristine DernederlandenFinalist
2002Business Woman of the YearMary FradoFinalist
2002Business Woman of the YearCarolyn GearFinalist
2002Business Woman of the YearWanda HardingFinalist
2002Business Woman of the YearLori KilbyFinalist
2002Business Woman of the YearNance MacLeodFinalist
2002Business Woman of the YearAnn MantiniFinalist
2002Business Woman of the YearBrenda Lee NilesFinalist
2002Business Woman of the YearDianne RentonFinalist
2002Business Woman of the YearVittoria WikstonFinalist
2003Business Woman of the YearDebi PrattInniskillin WinesRecipient
2003Business Woman of the YearConnie AubeFinalist
2003Business Woman of the YearHeidi CollierFinalist
2003Business Woman of the YearSue ChuryFinalist
2003Business Woman of the YearSandra ElsleyFinalist
2003Business Woman of the YearHeather FasuloFinalist
2003Business Woman of the YearMary FradoFinalist
2003Business Woman of the YearNance MacLeodFinalist
2003Business Woman of the YearMary J. MarrFinalist
2003Business Woman of the YearDonna Leigh MoodyFinalist
2003Business Woman of the YearSandra MurreFinalist
2003Business Woman of the YearDeborah PrattFinalist
2003Business Woman of the YearKarri SpieceFinalist
2004Business Woman of the YearDebbie SevenpiferNiagara Health SystemRecipient
2004Business Woman of the YearLinda BouwFinalist
2004Business Woman of the YearLeena BukhariFinalist
2004Business Woman of the YearLetitia DiBelloniaFinalist
2004Business Woman of the YearDeanna DiMaurizio-SmithFinalist
2004Business Woman of the YearKatherine FisherFinalist
2004Business Woman of the YearErika FroeseFinalist
2004Business Woman of the YearSandy HunterFinalist
2004Business Woman of the YearLori KilbyFinalist
2004Business Woman of the YearNance MacLeodFinalist
2004Business Woman of the YearBarbara MorrisFinalist
2004Business Woman of the YearNancy SchappertFinalist
2005Business Woman of the YearLinda BouwNorthend FloralRecipient
2005Business Woman of the YearAnita CaslinFinalist
2005Business Woman of the YearDebbie CorneliusFinalist
2005Business Woman of the YearTerry DowFinalist
2005Business Woman of the YearKatherine FisherFinalist
2005Business Woman of the YearGloria Cecilia GarciaFinalist
2005Business Woman of the YearDr. Nance MacLeodFinalist
2005Business Woman of the YearAnn MantiniFinalist
2005Business Woman of the YearBarbara MorrisFinalist
2005Business Woman of the YearDr. Julia MurrayFinalist
2005Business Woman of the YearBarbara PaxtonFinalist
2005Business Woman of the YearChristine RaeFinalist
2005Business Woman of the YearValerie SalomonsFinalist
2005Business Woman of the YearNancy SchappertFinalist
2005Business Woman of the YearMaria Luisa TiroFinalist
2006Business Woman of the YearHilary CatersCaters Hardy Design StudioRecipient
2006Business Woman of the YearJanet AllanFinalist
2006Business Woman of the YearBarbara BeaudoinFinalist
2006Business Woman of the YearAnn BeringFinalist
2006Business Woman of the YearSteffanie BjorganFinalist
2006Business Woman of the YearCarla CarlsonFinalist
2006Business Woman of the YearAngela CarterFinalist
2006Business Woman of the YearHilary CatersFinalist
2006Business Woman of the YearRhegan Favell-JarrettFinalist
2006Business Woman of the YearRachel Hill-CampbellFinalist
2006Business Woman of the YearAnne KellyFinalist
2006Business Woman of the YearDiane LeeFinalist
2006Business Woman of the YearNorma MedulunFinalist
2006Business Woman of the YearTonie MoriFinalist
2006Business Woman of the YearBarbara MorrisFinalist
2006Business Woman of the YearChristine RabyFinalist
2006Business Woman of the YearRonya RipenburgFinalist
2006Business Woman of the YearMarnie Lynn SennetFinalist
2006Business Woman of the YearAngelique SobschakFinalist
2006Business Woman of the YearKaren StearneFinalist
2006Business Woman of the YearBrenda VlaarFinalist
2006Business Woman of the YearMelissa St. OngeFinalist
2007Business Woman of the YearLaura MenechellaNiagara 21st GroupRecipient
2007Business Woman of the YearPatricia DurocherBloomin' Busy Flower ShopFinalist
2007Business Woman of the YearJosie JansenSmall Business Club Niagara/Women in NiagaraFinalist
2007Business Woman of the YearTerry DowDestination Marketing ServicesFinalist
2008Business Woman of the YearBetty Ann BakerNiagara Peninsula HomesRecipient
2008Business Woman of the YearReni de VerteuilHenley HondaFinalist
2008Business Woman of the YearJaney LeeMarlin TravelFinalist
2008Business Woman of the YearTamara MitchellSimply Delicious Fruit Bouquets Inc.Finalist
2008Business Woman of the YearPatti WallingtonOccasions in NiagaraFinalist
2008Business Woman of the YearGrace Wileichuk-SmithPhotography with GraceFinalist
2008Business Woman of the YearIldi WileyResults Continuum Inc.Finalist
2009Business Woman of the YearChris AldersonAlderson & CompanyRecipient
2009Business Woman of the YearChevonn CookDiamond Estates Wines and Spirits Ltd.Finalist
2009Business Woman of the YearMichelle WalkerPathways Academy and Early Learning CentreFinalist
2009Business Woman of the YearLaurie FlaskoLaurie Flasko ConsultingFinalist
2009Business Woman of the YearSarah GiovannoneYoga By SarahFinalist
2009Business Woman of the YearTina LeeWell Well Well Nutrition CentreFinalist
2009Business Woman of the YearRachel DelaneyRachel Delaney Insurance Agency Ltd.Finalist
2009Business Woman of the YearMaria KlokkouMaria Klokkou Fine ArtFinalist
2009Business Woman of the YearTracey FerreiraEmma's ClosetFinalist
2010Business Woman of the YearBarbara GrummeCentury 21 RealtyFinalist
2010Business Woman of the YearSheryl WherryMeridian Credit UnionFinalist
2010Business Woman of the YearNancy DiamondKelly ServicesFinalist
2010Business Woman of the YearCarrie ZeffiroNiagara Child & Youth Services FoundationFinalist
2010Business Woman of the YearSandi ChardFamily Recreation CentreFinalist
2010Business Woman of the YearAnne Lenard OttoDistinctive Designs & Cabinetry Inc.Finalist
2010Business Woman of the YearGina BroccoloIntegrity Health GroupFinalist
2010Business Woman of the YearElaine FritshawCentury 21 RealtyFinalist
2010Business Woman of the YearPatti Mills-RoyCanadian Tire Store #033 Fort ErieFinalist
2010Business Woman of the YearJosie De LazzariRe/Max Niagara Realty Ltd.Finalist
2010Business Woman of the YearMichelle ZappitelliZappi's Pizzeria - Zap Hospitality ManagementFinalist
2010Community Spirit AwardDebbie SladeBrock Centre for the ArtsRecipient
2010Corporate AwardKimberly HundertmarkNiagara Grape and Wine FestivalRecipient
2010Entrepreneur AwardNicolette NovakThe Good Earth Food and Wine CoRecipient
2011Community Spirit AwardKaren StearneHeart NiagaraRecipient
2011Community Spirit AwardDeborah SunstrumFinalist
2011Community Spirit AwardBrandi NiedlingFinalist
2011Community Spirit AwardShazia KhanFinalist
2011Community Spirit AwardAlison BrownFinalist
2011Corporate AwardSarah VazquezCanadian Niagara HotelsRecipient (Tie)
2011Corporate AwardKerry PainterScotiabank Convention CentreRecipient (Tie)
2011Entrepreneur AwardDiana Valsi-NekoiThe Vision ClinicRecipient
2011Entrepreneur AwardDebbie GochFinalist
2011Entrepreneur AwardKelly GillardFinalist
2011Entrepreneur AwardLaura MacdonellFinalist
2011Entrepreneur AwardMary MarrFinalist
2011Entrepreneur AwardMichele AugerFinalist
2011Entrepreneur AwardSherry CampbellFinalist
2011Entrepreneur AwardLinda CragoFinalist
2011Entrepreneur AwardDonna HerringtonFinalist
2011Up and Coming AwardAlyssa FreemanBrock UniversityRecipient
2011Up and Coming AwardMelanie DenisFinalist
2012Community Spirit AwardDeborah ZahraBoston Pizza WellandRecipient
2012Community Spirit AwardNancy McIntoshFinalist
2012Community Spirit AwardApril JeffsFinalist
2012Community Spirit AwardMary SpeckFinalist
2012Community Spirit AwardTara ColaneriFinalist
2012Community Spirit AwardJennifer WallaceFinalist
2012Community Spirit AwardMary Margaret MurphyFinalist
2012Community Spirit AwardBarbara GrummeFinalist
2012Corporate AwardDeborah ZahraBoston Pizza WellandRecipient
2012Corporate AwardJoyce MoroccoFinalist
2012Corporate AwardDenise FaradayFinalist
2012Educator AwardAnn Marie MaloneyMother Teresa Catholic Elementary SchoolRecipient
2012Educator AwardDawn ElliottFinalist
2012Educator AwardMelissa TurcotteFinalist
2012Educator AwardMarina WilsonFinalist
2012Entrepreneur AwardSherry CampbellSherry Campbell GroupRecipient
2012Entrepreneur AwardBarbara GrummeFinalist
2012Entrepreneur AwardKarlee MarshallFinalist
2012Entrepreneur AwardJessica KempFinalist
2012Entrepreneur AwardMonica RootFinalist
2012Entrepreneur AwardKathleen RodeFinalist
2012Entrepreneur AwardDeborah TothFinalist
2012Entrepreneur AwardChelsey CookFinalist
2012Entrepreneur AwardJenna YoungFinalist
2012Entrepreneur AwardIsabell CamilloFinalist
2012Entrepreneur AwardTrish MortonFinalist
2012Entrepreneur AwardLee OszustFinalist
2012Up and Coming AwardJane Van Den DriesFinalist
2012Up and Coming AwardPatricia BernardoFinalist
2012Up and Coming AwardNaveen KhanFinalist
2012Up and Coming AwardMarda CuenaFinalist
2012Up-and-coming AwardJoanna PolilloNiagara CollegeRecipient
2013Award records are not available for 2013Recipient
2014Business Leadership AwardLeanne StandrykLancaster, Brooks & Welch LLPRecipient
2014Business Leadership AwardAnne Lennard -OttoDistinctive Designs & Cabinetry Inc.Finalist
2014Business Leadership AwardNancy SchappertNiagara Inflatables & Games Inc.Finalist
2014Community Spirit AwardElisabeth ZimmermannYWCARecipient
2014Community Spirit AwardCandice Turner-SmithNiagara Symphony OrchestraFinalist
2014Community Spirit AwardCathy Berkhout-BosseMyPelham.comFinalist
2014Emerging Business AwardTamara JensenEl Gastronomo VagabundoRecipient
2014Emerging Business AwardGail BelchiorFinancial Divorce SolutionsFinalist
2014Emerging Business AwardTammara ScaringiOn Demand StaffingFinalist
2014Excellence in Science, Innovation and TechnologyMira HubeAlgoma Central CorporationFinalist
2014Excellence in Science, Innovation and TechnologyGinny PatersonSt. Catharines Physiotherapy CentreFinalist
2014Excellence in Science, Innovation and Technology AwardDebra InglisCool Climate Oenology and Viticulture InstituteRecipient
2014Lifetime Achievement AwardSheryl WherryMeridian Credit UnionRecipient
2015Business Leadership AwardDenise BurkeNiagara IceDogs Hockey Club – OHLRecipient
2015Business Leadership AwardBev HodgsonBev Hodgson LawFinalist
2015Business Leadership AwardLisa BengerWalker Industries Holdings Ltd.Finalist
2015Community Spirit AwardMarion WrightGillian’s PlaceRecipient
2015Community Spirit AwardFrances LettieriBig Brothers Big SistersFinalist
2015Community Spirit AwardJennifer AndersonNiagara Grape and Wine FestivalFinalist
2015Community Spirit AwardKim Van StygerenThe Brain FarmFinalist
2015Emerging Business AwardShannon PasseroShannon PasseroRecipient
2015Emerging Business AwardKatie MorrisKultur Hair StudioFinalist
2015Emerging Business AwardTrudy BowslaughThe Frosted CupcakeFinalist
2015Excellence in Science, Innovation and TechnologySue-Ann StaffSue-Ann Staff Estate WineryFinalist
2015Excellence in Science, Innovation and TechnologyWendy GarringtonShark Marine Technologies Inc.Finalist
2015Excellence in Science, Innovation and TechnologyDr. Janice GiesbrechtNiagara Health SystemRecipient
2015Lifetime Achievement AwardDebbie SladeCentre for the Arts – Brock UniversityRecipient
2016Business Leadership AwardCarolyne WattsGMRecipient
2016Business Leadership AwardLisa PhilipGarden AngelsFinalist
2016Business Leadership AwardRhonda TaylorPenFinancial Credit UnionFinalist
2016Business Leadership AwardRoseanne MorissettePerformance CarsFinalist
2016Business of Science and Technology AwardSandra BuffettJordan Engineering Inc.Recipient
2016Business of Science and Technology AwardAmy BowenVineland Research and Innovation CentreFinalist
2016Business of Science and Technology AwardDenise Van OschNiagara College CanadaFinalist
2016Community Spirit AwardCathy Berkhout-BossemyPelhamRecipient
2016Community Spirit AwardCheryl CorrisBetter Homes and Gardens Real Estate - Niagara PremiereFinalist
2016Community Spirit AwardTerri CommissoCommissosFinalist
2016Community Spirit AwardRenee RebeloLife Coach Financial Strategies/Savvy Livin for WomenFinalist
2016Community Spirit AwardKelly ProvostSt. Catharines Enterprise CentreFinalist
2016Cultural Arts AwardJuliet DunnNiagara Jazz FestivalRecipient
2016Cultural Arts AwardKasia Dupuis4Cats Arts StudioFinalist
2016Cultural Arts AwardJane ElliottBallet Etc.Finalist
2016Cultural Arts AwardSarah JarvisCraft Arts MarketFinalist
2016Emerging Business AwardAllie HughesHughes & Co.Recipient
2016Emerging Business AwardJessica PinedaPaint Nite NiagaraFinalist
2016Emerging Business AwardNicole PajakSmall Batch GranolaFinalist
2016Emerging Business AwardCrystal D'CunhaThe INSIDE View Inc.Finalist
2016Lifetime Achievement AwardMary TurnerCanadian Tire BankRecipient
2016Social Enterprise AwardStacy EliaGrimsby Benevolent FundRecipient
2016Social Enterprise AwardGillian KempNiagara Furniture BankFinalist
2016Social Enterprise AwardTikvah MindorffNiagara Sustainability Initiative (NSI)Finalist
2016Social Enterprise AwardColetta McGrathQuest Community Health CentreFinalist
2016Tourism AwardKaren Whitty13th Street WineryRecipient
2016Tourism AwardDorian AndersonDorian & AssociatesFinalist
2016Tourism AwardRobin RidesicExchange BreweryFinalist
2016Tourism AwardRobin GarrettMeridian Reservation SystemsFinalist
2016Tourism AwardAnn Marie NitsopoulosOld Stone InnFinalist
2017Business Leadership AwardJody VizzaPenFinancial Credit UnionRecipient
2017Business Leadership AwardBrandy GauthierCIBCFinalist
2017Business Leadership AwardN'ora KalbInnovate NiagaraFinalist
2017Business Leadership AwardNadia AliRevel RealtyFinalist
2017Business Leadership AwardTammy Conlon CarlomustoPremiere Mortgage CenterFinalist
2017Community Spirit AwardAnn Mantini-CelimaWellspring NiagaraRecipient
2017Community Spirit AwardAlex PedersenCAA NiagaraFinalist
2017Community Spirit AwardDawn LagestenKPMG LLPFinalist
2017Community Spirit AwardMadi FullerCaddle Canada & ncTakeOffFinalist
2017Community Spirit AwardValerie ChalmersValerie Chalmers Social Media MarketingFinalist
2017Cultural Arts AwardAnnie WilsonFirstOntario Performing Arts CentreRecipient
2017Cultural Arts AwardBonnie BeresHarmony on WestFinalist
2017Cultural Arts AwardJohann MunroShed PotteryFinalist
2017Cultural Arts AwardMonica DufaultEssential Collective TheatreFinalist
2017Cultural Arts AwardNatasha PedrosNiagara Artists CentreFinalist
2017Emerging Business AwardLisa CarlomustoDental Hygiene of NiagaraRecipient
2017Emerging Business AwardAshley BrownShe ImplementsFinalist
2017Emerging Business AwardGayle HanlonCoffee News of St. CatharinesFinalist
2017Emerging Business AwardSarah McVanelGreatness MagnifiedFinalist
2017Entrepreneurship AwardJacquelene Igel-Del ColTintern Road & Zooma CatersRecipient
2017Entrepreneurship AwardApril Mitchell-BoudreauBeadQueenFinalist
2017Entrepreneurship AwardCatherine O'DonnellWillow Cakes and PastriesFinalist
2017Entrepreneurship AwardJolene AntleGarden City EssentialsFinalist
2017Entrepreneurship AwardVivienne DineenMoksha Yoga St. CatharinesFinalist
2017Excellence in TourismEmily OrioldThe Foster FestivalRecipient
2017Excellence in TourismAngela Marotta Melissa Marotta-PaolicelliTwo Sisters WineryFinalist
2017Excellence in TourismAnna PierceNiagara HelicoptersFinalist
2017Excellence in TourismJenny CrumbCycle-Logical RentalsFinalist
2017Lifetime Achievement AwardMargie SpenceRoyal LePage Niagara Real Estate Centre Inc.Recipient
2017Science & Technology AwardGina Collins RamkissoonLast Mile Wireless Internet IncRecipient
2017Science & Technology AwardAnna D'AmoreTruvi BeautyFinalist
2017Science & Technology AwardMeghan ChaykaStathletesFinalist
2017Science & Technology AwardRachel EppBareFinalist
2017Social Enterprise AwardJennifer HarperCheekbone BeautyRecipient
2017Social Enterprise AwardBetty Ann BakerNiagara Peninsula HomesFinalist
2017Social Enterprise AwardLeah FeorSimply SustainableFinalist
2017Social Enterprise AwardRenee DelaneyNiagara Farm ProjectFinalist
2017Young Professional AwardKelly LiddycoatBocchinfuso Funeral Home Inc.Recipient
2017Young Professional AwardKristina GottliForm and AffectFinalist
2017Young Professional AwardMarcia YoungSt. John AmbulanceFinalist
2017Young Professional AwardMelanna GiannakisMeridian Credit UnionFinalist
2017Young Professional AwardTrina RubinoRoot Bissonnette Walker LLPFinalist
2018Business Leadership AwardSarah WoodNiagara Parks CommissionRecipient
2018Business Leadership AwardAmy LaytonRoyal LePage NRC RealtyFinalist
2018Business Leadership AwardShannon SutherlandWalker IndustriesFinalist
2018Community Spirit AwardCarey BenvenutiDominion Lending - Home Capital Solutions/ No One Goes Hungry NiagaraRecipient
2018Community Spirit AwardAlexis KleimanDSBN Educational Research & Innovation HubFinalist
2018Community Spirit AwardMaria del Carmen Suescun PozasSeedling for Change in Society and EnvironmentFinalist
2018Community Spirit AwardVivienne DineenModo YogaFinalist
2018Community Spirit AwardYvonne NasriCAA NiagaraFinalist
2018Cultural Arts AwardMichele-Elise BurnettCelebration of NationsRecipient
2018Cultural Arts AwardAlice BurkeAlice BurkeFinalist
2018Cultural Arts AwardJenny DeanCabar-EH Youth TheatreFinalist
2018Cultural Arts AwardLisa Cosens-BrillonBrillon Music StudioFinalist
2018Cultural Arts AwardSusan WilkinsonThe Painted TurtleFinalist
2018Emerging Business AwardJennifer NewmanSecond DanceRecipient
2018Emerging Business AwardHeather KentFeeder Flower FarmFinalist
2018Emerging Business AwardJessica SilvestriBella Buddha BeadsFinalist
2018Emerging Business AwardRobin RidesicThe Exchange BreweryFinalist
2018Emerging Business AwardTara Popiluk-KulawicUrban CravingsFinalist
2018Entrepreneurship AwardChristine RabyAAPEX Driving AcademyFinalist
2018Entrepreneurship AwardEmily RozemaMingle Hill FarmsFinalist
2018Entrepreneurship AwardShailina HalaniSense Of Beauty SpaFinalist
2018Entrepreneurship AwardTeresa SchaubelCustom Image Sales and GiftologieFinalist
2018Entrepreneurship AwardChris RobertsonLoud + ClearRecipient
2018Lifetime Achievement AwardBetty-Lou SouterCommunity Care St. Catharines - ThoroldRecipient
2018Science & Technology AwardStephanie ThompsonGeneral Motors of CanadaRecipient
2018Science & Technology AwardDr. Amy ProulxCanadian Food and Wine Institute at Niagara CollegeFinalist
2018Science & Technology AwardSharon ReedsIntuitive ShippingFinalist
2018Science & Technology AwardShelley MannellHeartSpace Physical Therapy for ChildrenFinalist
2018Social Enterprise AwardRenee DelaneySmall Scale FarmsRecipient
2018Social Enterprise AwardDebbie VanGriekenMoyaa Shea ButterFinalist
2018Social Enterprise AwardLaura IpUnderdogs Boxing ClubFinalist
2018Social Enterprise AwardSarah LockbaumNiagara Mobile Foot Care/Niagara School of Foot CareFinalist
2018Social Enterprise AwardShauna MacLeodWillow Arts CommunityFinalist
2018Tourism AwardBeverly SmithNiagara's South Coast Guest HouseRecipient
2018Tourism AwardKaren DoyleCity of St. CatharinesFinalist
2018Tourism AwardNatalie SticklesFive by Five Design StudioFinalist
2018Tourism AwardShelley TraverRockway VineyardsFinalist
2018Young Professional AwardDiana AquinoWalker Environmental Group IncorporatedRecipient
2018Young Professional AwardAllison FindlayFlat Rock CellarsFinalist
2018Young Professional AwardChantelle MamoneMeridian Credit UnionFinalist
2018Young Professional AwardJulie Van RuyvenBusiness Link Media GroupFinalist
2018Young Professional AwardMahnoor SarwarCrawford Smith & Swallow Chartered Accountants LLPFinalist
2018Young Professional AwardMichelle BiskupNiagara River LionsFinalist
2019Business that Gives Back AwardNiagara CasinosFinalist
2019Business that Gives Back AwardB4 Networks Inc.Finalist
2019Business that Gives Back AwardTim HortonsFinalist
2019Community Impact AwardLori BeechBethlehem Housing & Support ServicesRecipient
2019Community Impact AwardChristine Dernederlanden C.T.S.S.Robert'’s Press Empowering People Through Life’s ChallengesFinalist
2019Community Impact AwardJessica FriesenGales Gas Bars LimitedFinalist
2019Community Impact AwardStephanie HicksBeamsville Business Improvement AreaFinalist
2019Community Impact AwardAshley WilliamsCIBCFinalist
2019Cultural Arts AwardDeanna JonesSuitcase in Point Theatre Company / In the Soil Arts FestivalFinalist
2019Cultural Arts AwardAmanda NelliChorus Niagara Children’s ChoirRecipient
2019Cultural Arts AwardLaurie SadowskiNiagara HealthFinalist
2019Emerging Business AwardBronwyn CampbellPippa & PeachFinalist
2019Emerging Business AwardPeggy HarnockThe Social GourmetFinalist
2019Emerging Business AwardBarbara Lee & Keri EversNiagara Canine Conditioning CentreFinalist
2019Emerging Business AwardSharon ReedsIntuitive ShippingRecipient
2019Entrepreneurship AwardMarilyn Cirello-VendittelliIndustry Hair & EstheticsFinalist
2019Entrepreneurship AwardSandra D’AlessandroSandra’s Home Care Health ServicesFinalist
2019Entrepreneurship AwardLorna KaneKane’s DistributingRecipient
2019Entrepreneurship AwardLaura MacDonellWater Superstore Inc.Finalist
2019Entrepreneurship AwardLaurie-Ann WhitnallThermography Clinic NiagaraFinalist
2019Excellence in Hospitality & Tourism AwardJennifer FergusonNiagara CasinosRecipient
2019Excellence in Hospitality & Tourism AwardCarrie PaoloneScotiabank Convention CentreFinalist
2019Excellence in Hospitality & Tourism AwardRyleigh UnrauBlossom Fest-Cherry LaneFinalist
2019Leadership AwardShelley DixRecipientFinalist
2019Leadership AwardCara KrezekBrock UniversityFinalist
2019Leadership AwardRebecca NichollsNiagara College Community Employment ServicesFinalist
2019Lifetime Achievement AwardDebi PrattGoodwill Ambassador, and Voice of the Canadian Wine Industry and the Great Estates of NiagaraRecipient
2019Science & Technology AwardVickie DeVosiMVRFinalist
2019Science & Technology AwardKathy LeretteAlectra UtilitiesRecipient
2019Science & Technology AwardAchamma Matthews360WineryFinalist
2019Young Professional AwardLesley ClarkeWalker Industries Holdings LimitedFinalist
2019Young Professional AwardDanielle KesselLoblawsFinalist
2019Young Professional AwardCaroline SherkVerge Insurance GroupRecipient
2019Young Professional AwardKrystal SniderYWCA of NiagaraFinalist
2019Young Professional AwardDr. Stephanie YurkewichProActive ChiropracticFinalist
2020Business that Gives Back AwardWilma SnippeH2Only IncFinalist
2020Business that Gives Back AwardAmy LaytonRoyal LePage NRC RealtyRecipient
2020Business that Gives Back AwardLina KennedyAlexandria ProfessionalFinalist
2020Business that Gives Back AwardMarkMeldrum.comMarkMeldrum.comFinalist
2020Community Impact AwardHolly MundulaMeridian Credit Union Ð Business BankingRecipient
2020Community Impact AwardJess BoulayGiant Shoe Creative AgencyFinalist
2020Community Impact AwardPatrizia TrapassoLocomotive Marketing Inc.Finalist
2020Community Impact AwardLori GillAttachment and Trauma Treatment Centre for Healing (ATTCH) NiagaraFinalist
2020Emerging Business AwardTaryn Herritt & Angela OsborneThe Atelier CollectiveRecipient
2020Emerging Business AwardLesley CalvinPositive Forward Motion, IncFinalist
2020Emerging Business AwardDr. Daniela DiPaolaImpact Health NiagaraFinalist
2020Emerging Business AwardAnnette SmithLip Service BeautyFinalist
2020Entrepreneurship AwardAndrea McGeeSoul Fire Power YogaFinalist
2020Entrepreneurship AwardCrystal DÕCunhaThe INSIDE View Inc.Recipient
2020Entrepreneurship AwardJessica SilvestriBella Buddha BeadsFinalist
2020Entrepreneurship AwardJordin WigginsHealth Over AllFinalist
2020Excellence in Non-Profit AwardSarah PritulaCommunity CrewFinalist
2020Excellence in Non-Profit AwardJennifer GauthierWomenÕs Place of South Niagara Inc.Finalist
2020Excellence in Non-Profit AwardCarol NagyHospice NiagaraRecipient
2020Excellence in Non-Profit AwardAnna BozzaFamily and ChildrenÕs Services NiagaraFinalist
2020Young Professional AwardRachel DedinskyGiant Shoe Creative AgencyFinalist
2020Young Professional AwardNahida Al-KayedEastway Auto Service Ltd.Finalist
2020Young Professional AwardRebecca WinstanleyAutoTrim & Signs / Elements Graphic DesignFinalist
2020Young Professional AwardAmanda FletcherCAA NiagaraRecipient
2020Young Professional AwardKayleigh RossettoBrock University StudentsÕ UnionFinalist
2020Leadership AwardAmanda EtheringtonNiagara HealthFinalist
2020Leadership AwardAshleigh MyersBell MediaRecipient
2020Leadership AwardMarianne Tykolis CaseyStevensville Garden GalleryFinalist
2020Science & Technology AwardStephanie ThompsonSTEM by StephFinalist
2020Science & Technology AwardEricka EvansPhantom CompassRecipient
2020Science & Technology AwardRowe Prudente & Brandy HendersonOwnera Group Inc & BRRiJ Solutions IncFinalist
2020Science & Technology AwardJill RussellDistrict School Board of NiagaraFinalist
2020Excellence in Hospitality & Tourism AwardVittoria WikstonNiagara 2022 Canada Summer GamesRecipient
2020Excellence in Hospitality & Tourism AwardMarissa HartleyChz PlzFinalist
2020Excellence in Hospitality & Tourism AwardLezlie HarperNiagara Bound ToursFinalist
2020Cultural Arts AwardChelsea WainwrightNiagara Ballet SchoolFinalist
2020Cultural Arts AwardElaine WallisSignature Sign & ImageFinalist
2020Cultural Arts AwardSara PalmieriFirstOntario Performing Arts CentreRecipient
2021Business that Gives Back AwardJen McKennaLittle Chief & Co.Finalist
2021Business that Gives Back AwardBeth BuckmasterHatchFinalist
2021Business that Gives Back AwardCAA NiagaraCAA NiagaraRecipient
2021Business that Gives Back AwardMutsa Charamba, Erica Williams, Erika Smith, Jaida Steenhuis, Natasha BellMatter of BlackFinalist
2021Community Impact AwardLisa HallLisa Hall Insurance and Financial Services Inc.Finalist
2021Community Impact AwardKristen MarischukCounselling by KristenFinalist
2021Community Impact AwardMaria MavridisAnchor NiagaraRecipient
2021Corporate Leadership AwardLisa VincBell MediaFinalist
2021Corporate Leadership AwardSara HolmesMeridian Credit UnionRecipient
2021Corporate Leadership AwardChristine DekkerMeridian Credit UnionFinalist
2021Corporate Leadership AwardTracy FeorGeneral Motors of CanadaFinalist
2021Cultural Arts AwardEmily OrioldThe Foster FestivalFinalist
2021Cultural Arts AwardDiana McAdoreyChorus NiagaraRecipient
2021Emerging Business AwardDonna MartensPure Non-Scents Ltd.Recipient
2021Emerging Business AwardEileen GibsonScottyÕs Dog Walking/TrainingFinalist
2021Emerging Business AwardKristin MessinaChaos SimplifiedFinalist
2021Entrepreneurship AwardSusan KnightonEarth Angel Landscaping & Property MaintenanceFinalist
2021Entrepreneurship AwardAllison KaresMovement Unlimited Inc.Finalist
2021Entrepreneurship AwardKelly BraunKraun ElectricRecipient
2021Excellence in Non-ProfitElisabeth ZimmermannYWCA Niagara RegionRecipient
2021Excellence in Non-ProfitMargaret LockhartBethesda Community Services Inc.Finalist
2021Excellence in Non-ProfitShelley MercerBethesda Community Services Inc.Finalist
2021Excellence in Non-ProfitAshley WatersScouts CanadaFinalist
2021Health Care HeroMelissa GagnonEmpower Communication ServicesFinalist
2021Health Care HeroNicole JohnsonHotel Dieu Shaver Health and Rehabilitation CentreRecipient
2021Innovations in Hospitality and TourismDanuela FreelFour Point TravelFinalist
2021Innovations in Hospitality and TourismAnn Marie NitsopoulosOld Stone Inn Boutique HotelRecipient
2021Innovations in Hospitality and TourismJanice ThomsonNiagara Falls TourismFinalist
2021Science and Technology AwardKelly MurrayASI Group Ltd.Finalist
2021Science and Technology AwardAlissa van OverbeekeASI Group Ltd.Finalist
2021Science and Technology AwardSabine SteinbrecherLearning Library Inc. / HiveologyRecipient
2021Science and Technology AwardAgnieszka KrzywinskaAdjective Noun Studios Inc.Finalist
2021Science and Technology AwardHeidi LevitzkyNiagara CollegeFinalist
2021Science and Technology AwardBex McKnightMcKnight Inclusive DesignFinalist
2021Young Professional AwardNatasha DiCienzoScotia Wealth ManagementFinalist
2021Young Professional AwardKailene JacksonCIVICONNECT Youth Community Engagement Org.Recipient
2021Young Professional AwardJordan RileyCentral Auto NiagaraFinalist
2021Young Professional AwardAlyshia IafrateVitasana Health + Fitness Ltd.Finalist
2021Young Professional AwardThalia SemploniusNiagara Workforce Planning BoardFinalist
2021Young Professional AwardAlexandra LacivitaThe Village BoutiqueFinalist