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Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce


Niagara to be at our economic and social best


With broad engagement, we advance the interests of our membership through

advocacy and services, building prosperity for the people of Niagara


  • Forward-thinking
  • Non-partisan and principled
  • Inclusive, collaborative and respectful
  • Accountable and responsible

Strategies 2022–2024

Maximize Member Services


Optimize Business Advocacy


Strengthen Organizational Capacity


Advance Niagara’s Prosperity

Strategy 1: Maximize Member Services

In our commitment to continuously deliver value to our members, we will provide relevant programs and services so that businesses can prosper and connect to new customers and partners


  • Targeted communication to meet the changing and growing needs of our members
  • Provide wrap-around services to support member’s needs (i.e., EDI, HR, mental health, legal, up- and re-skilling needs, Truth and Reconciliation)
  • Provide tools and templates to support business growth to allow businesses to compete globally
  • Invest in new technology to modernize engagement initiatives


  • Stronger value for businesses and higher member satisfaction
  • Increased revenue sources for GNCC
  • Increased community engagement

Strategy 2: Optimize Business Advocacy

Strengthen existing policy development and advocacy by introducing new ways to increase impact and value for members and community


  • Prioritize key, multi-year policy initiatives (e.g., equitable economic recovery, housing, public transportation, climate change) to ensure maximum impact
  • Develop a partnership advocacy model where members invest in key advocacy initiatives and reports (i.e., advocacy papers, stakeholder gatherings)
  • Leverage key stakeholders and partners to advance policy
  • Maximize communication channels and technology to broaden the reach of key messages and therefore increase community relevancy and engagement


  • Increased level of influence
  • Stronger value proposition for members and increased relevancy for broader community

Strategy 3: Strengthen Organizational Capacity

Invest in staff and talent development to support capacity building while at the same time strengthen our brand through targeted stakeholder collaboration and partnerships


  • Invest in skill development and optimize organizational set-up (i.e., office)
  • Expand relevant performance metrics in all areas of the operation
  • Integrate Equity, Diversity and Inclusion practices
  • Align Advisory Councils to strategies to strengthen their niche relevancy
  • Establish key partnerships aimed at advancing Niagara’s prosperity and brand strength (i.e., NIA, NHBA)


  • Improved staff retention and satisfaction
  • Increased ability to attract and maintain key talent (i.e., staff, councils, board)
  • Strengthened position as a critical community partner

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