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Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce

Kelly Murray

Project Manager, ASI Group Ltd.       | 2021 Science & Technology Award Finalist


Kelly Murray earned her B.Sc (Honours) specializing in Marine Biology from the University of Guelph. She began working at ASI Group Ltd. in 1998 and her experience spans over 23 years in the ecological industry. Kelly’s experience includes ecological testing, the development of zebra and quagga mussel monitoring and control protocols and installations. Kelly has focused on developing specialized testing protocols and experimental studies for emerging technologies and research and development projects for mussel control systems that have focused on refining old technologies and implementing new technologies in industrial settings to reduce the ecological impacts of mussel control protocols.

Currently she is the Project Manager for Mussel Monitoring & Research Services within the Mussel Management Group. Kelly has been involved with developing mussel monitoring protocols that have formed the basis for the standards currently used within the industry today.

She is currently consulting with a major power authority in Manitoba to help them develop and implement their monitoring protocols for the new introduction of zebra mussels into their waterways and to train staff to analyze their own samples and interpret their data.