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Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce

Thriving in Thorold: Discovering the Heartbeat of Local Businesses

When travelling through the Niagara Region, you won’t want to miss the thriving city of Thorold.

With a population of around 22,000 residents, the adorable community is known for the Welland Canal’s twinned flight locks, which attract thousands of tourists a year.

However, that’s not the only thing that makes this city special. Thorold is also home to many local businesses that work hard to bring character and goods to the community.

These four businesses really contribute to the heartbeat of Thorold.

Figg Street Co.: A Shop for Everyone

Nestled onto a main street of Thorold, Figg Street Co. is a quaint shop that is the destination for all things stationery. Guests are greeted with an array of writing instruments, notebooks, writing paper and other little gifts.

Opening its doors in 2014, owner Antoinette D’Angelo said the business started out of necessity.

“I was fairly new to the area and I couldn’t find unique greeting cards and stationery,” D’Angelo shared.

“I have fond memories of my time living in the neighbourhood of the Glebe in Ottawa. A stationery shop was just footsteps away from my residence and I frequented it a lot! At the time, I never imagined myself running such a shop.”

Now, the store is stocked with stunning products from a variety of other small businesses around the globe.

My customers are what I love most about my work. There is so much to learn from one another.

— Antoinette D’Angelo

Fig Street Co. is a quaint shop that is the destination for all things stationery.

One thing that sets the store apart from other stationery shops is all the unique trinkets you’re able to discover.

“I love supporting craftsmanship and those who use old-world techniques to make their products.”

Figg Street Co. offers beautifully accented paper…

… specialized tools, decorations and ribbon supplies…

… plus pens and everything else needed to make beautiful accents.

One Earth: Ethically Sourced

Terri-Lynn Woodhouse’s journey began when she decided to walk across Spain over a decade ago. During her travels, she spent some time in Morocco, where she met Artisans and the women who work in the Argan Oil Co-ops.

After that, the idea of One Earth was born – a shop that prides itself on being ethically sourced.

Leaving her corporate American job, the company started online in 2012. One Earth’s first retail location opened its doors in Niagara-on-the-Lake in 2017.

Their second boutique in Thorold opened in 2023, with another store in Crystal Beach set to open this April.

The shop’s main focus is bath and body care. Argan Oil is a main component in a variety of products, including skincare and haircare.

“We know the people we buy from and make sure all of our supply chains pay people fairly and follow practices that respect people and our planet,” Woodhouse stated. “Everything is made by human hands.”

On top of that, One Earth also prides itself on putting people before profits.

“We are a certified living wage employer at the championship level, meaning even our students and artisan partners are paid a living wage. We are really proud of that!!”

One Earth is a shop that prides itself on being ethically sourced.

Terri-Lynn Woodhouse’s journey to One Earth began in Morocco.

One Earth is a certified living wage employer at the championship level.

Argan Oil is a main component in many of their products.

Pretty Potions Apothecary: The Magic of Healing

What started as an online store in 2015, has quickly grown into a unique brick-and-mortar location in Thorold.

Opening its retail doors in 2022, power duo Elise Price and Steph Mernaugh work hard to offer luxury products including bath, candles, crystals, fragrances and other self-care tools.

“What we carry are things that are designed to help heal and make you feel good,” says Price.

Pretty Potions Apothecary stands out with its unique decor and a wide variety of offerings. Everything is either handmade in-store or comes from other small businesses.

We’ve put our heart and soul into everything that’s here, it doesn’t come off an assembly line.

— Elise Price

Pretty Potions Apothecary owners Steph Mernaugh and Elise Price.

One of their main goals is to make sure their customers feel welcome. Whether someone needs education on a product, recommendations or just a friendly face, Pretty Potions is sure to make it happen.

“We try to be really attentive, listen to what people are coming in for and what they actually need,” says Price. “And then fulfilling that need, as opposed to selling them something that they don’t necessarily have to go home with.”

Hand-poured candles in reusable cast-iron cauldrons.

Soy-coconut wax melt snap bars in a variety of scents.

Aromatic plant bundles.

Pretty Potions Apothecary offers a variety of self-care tools.

Creekview Floral Co.: Good for Every Occasion

Greeted by a smell of beautiful florals (and often a smiling puppy named Jack,) Creekview Floral Co. is an adorable flower shop nestled into the heart of Thorold.

The spot provides florals for events (like weddings) and also offers a variety of arrangements for any occasion.

You can either order ahead or pop your head in to look at some of their pre-arranged displays.

Creekview Floral Co. also sells a variety of other trinkets from other local vendors, making it the perfect stop for some gift shopping.

Owner Lydia Rekrut, who is celebrating the fourth anniversary of the shop this year, prides herself on offering local products and meeting her customer’s needs.

“We really pride ourselves on carrying a lot of locally grown Niagara stuff, doing a lot of custom orders.”

“We’re always happy to whip something up for someone real quick to fit what they’re looking for.”

Creekview Floral Co. is an adorable flower shop nestled into the heart of Thorold.

Creekview Floral Co. owner Lydia Rekrut and Jack.

Beautiful floral arrangements to suit any colour.

And bouquets for every occasion!

Discover whimsical planters for succulents.

Creekview Floral Co. offers a variety of accents as well as flowers.


No matter how big or small, Thorold is filled to the brim with charming local businesses. Whether you’re looking for some self-care, stationery, flower arrangements or other goodies, these four shops have you covered.

So the next time you step foot into this quaint town, you’ll want to remember Creekview Floral Co., Pretty Potions Apothecary, One Earth and Figg Street Co.

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