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Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce

Loving Lincoln: Celebrating the Unique Stories of Local Businesses

Known for its vineyards, restaurants and local shops, Lincoln has become a well-known destination in the Niagara region for many locals and tourists to enjoy.

One thing that truly makes this town stand out is the unique stories behind the businesses that call it home.

Whether they sell wine, beer, food, or clothing, these five spots shine in the Lincoln community.

Back 10 Cellars: It started as a dream

Andrew and Christina Brooks always dreamed of owning their own business. With a love of wine, they travelled from Calgary to Niagara to open a winery — Back 10 Cellars.

Finding a 10-acre property in the region, the couple knew they had a long journey ahead of them.

“It was a MASSIVE undertaking. Houses needed to be renovated, vineyards needed to be planted,” Christina Brooks shared. “We knew we could make something of the property, so we put in an offer, rolled up our sleeves and got to work.”

Since then, the duo has created a stunning space filled with amazing wines and experiences (such as their tasting flights and Walk Talk and Taste Tour.)

We treat everyone like guests in our own home. We live on property and welcome people to the vineyard with open arms.

— Christina Brooks

With hard work and dedication, they have won gold awards for their wine, sell out of their vintages and welcome new customers constantly.

“We’ve planted these vines here in Niagara for people to enjoy. Our little indoor ‘Tasting Bungalow’ may not be the fanciest, but the wines in your glass are some of the best you will have tried.”

Andrew and Christina Brooks

Andrew and Christina Brooks.

Back 10 Cellars recently celebrated their 20th Anniversary.

Back 10 Cellars have produced award-winning vintages.

Back 10 Cellars have produced award-winning vintages.

Enjoy live entertainment and al fresco dining at Back 10 Cellars.

Newark Brewing Company: Inspired by history

When it comes to brewing beer, Newark Brewing Company works hard to stick to traditional routes.

Even their name has a historical meaning behind it, with Newark being the first capital of Upper Canada.

Using both Belgian and German style influences, the local spot is always striving to master their brews.

In fact, Founder Griffin Data says he is always asking himself, “how can we make the best beer that we possibly can, using minimal local ingredients?”

In 2022, the company opened their location in Lincoln. Since then, they have continued to serve beer and food in-house. They are also continuing to stock in the LCBO and restaurants.

Newark Brewing Company founder Griffin Data.

Newark Brewing Company serves their own beer and food in-house.

Brewed with both Belgian and German influences.

Personal steins at Newark Brewing Company.

Tintern Road & Jack Style Collective: Staying on trend

Nestled into the heart of Jordan Station, this stunning clothing store has been a staple in the community for over 25 years.

Tintern Road & Jack Style Collective‘s owner Jacquelene Del Col offers up a wide collection of both men’s and women’s wear, with new pieces appearing all the time.

“I think our consistency is one of the biggest things. We have deliveries daily, all year round. So there’s not really low moment.”

“It’s always something fresh, something new. To keep you engaged, to keep you on point with trend, to keep you in the know.”

One key to their success over the years has been to cater to every generation. From college students to retirees, the shop makes sure it’s on trend for all ages.

According to Del Col, being right next door to the popular Inn on the Twenty has also been a key to their success.

Tintern Road & Jack Style Collective owner Jacquelene Del Col.


Style has no age. It’s more about balance, lifestyle, and body type.

— Jacquelene Del Col

Trendy accessories for all ages

Tintern Road & Jack style Collective offer trendy accessories for all ages.

You can find something for every taste and interest at Tintern Road

You can find something for every taste and interest at Tintern Road.

There's always something new and fresh at Tintern Road & Jack Style Collective.

There’s always something new and fresh at Tintern Road & Jack Style Collective.

Grand Oak Culinary Market: It feels like home

In 2011, the Stulp family decided to buy a property in Lincoln that needed to be completely transformed. Starting their business from the ground up, the Grand Oak Culinary Market is now known for its amazing lunch service, in-store bakery, event space and catering.

With established Chef Jan-Willem Stulp leading the kitchen, the menu is mouthwatering. One of their most popular items is a classic sandwich and soup.

Part of our mandate has been to do excellent quality food at fair prices. And that’s what we do.

— Jane Stulp

The location prides itself on using locally sourced fruits, vegetables and artisan products. You can also expect fresh, with their bread being made in-house every morning.

Besides the food, one of the most important aspects of their business is customer service. According to Jane Stulp, “customer service is everything.”

“We have had people that come in every other day for 11 years. They just feel comfortable. It feels like home.”

A wide selection of fresh breads and more is available at Grand Oak Culinary Market.

The staff of Grand Oak Culinary Market.

A classic sandwich & soup.

Revalee Brunch Café: A space for everyone

When Michael Dilliott opened Revalee Brunch Café with his brother-in-law Chef Mitch Lamb, one of their main goals was to create a space where guests with a variety of diets could enjoy food together under one roof.

Serving up a unique brunch menu with a wide selection of vegan meals, it’s a place people can enjoy whether customers eat meat and dairy or not.

“Our menus generally try to put twists on classic and familiar dishes,” says Dilliott.

“We try to focus on having the little details right, so that no matter why people come to us we hope they appreciate what we’re putting forward.”

Revalee Brunch Café has recently added a casual Friday and Saturday night “Flight Night” which serves up flights of small plates paired with wine.

In the future, Dilliott hopes to continue to add more inventive menus and concepts for guests to enjoy.

Delicious, delectable brunch from Revalee

Delicious, delectable brunch from Revalee Brunch Café.

Flight Night offers small plates and drinks every Friday and Saturday.

Revalee offers Pilot coffees and espresso and local brews and wines.

With warmer weather on the way, enjoy brunch outdoors at Revalee.


When it comes to loving Lincoln, these five spots make it easy. Running their businesses with big hearts and dedication, the people behind the door are happy to call this town their home.

Back 10 Cellars, Newark Brewing Company, Tintern Road & Jack Style Collective, Grand Oak Culinary Market and Revalee Brunch Café are just some of the amazing locations that have transformed Lincoln into the buzzing hub it is today.

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Loving Lincoln: Celebrating the Unique Stories of Local Businesses

Known for its vineyards, restaurants and local shops, Lincoln has become a well-known destination in the Niagara region for many… more »

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