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Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce

Great news! Brock Co-op students are available to help your organization rebound from some of the challenges you are facing as a result of COVID-19. Thanks to a partnership between the Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce, Niagara Region, Brock University and local MPs, our members are now able to tap into the talents of Brock co-op students who are available to assist your business transition in response to COVID-19, free of charge. Please take a few minutes to complete the form below, tell us more about the challenges you are facing and we consult the Brock Co-op students to see how they may be of assistance to your organization.

  • Ready, Set, Hire

    Interested in our program? Please fill out our form below and a member of Brock's Co-Op team will contact you.

    Our support will be offered on a first come, first serve basis. We encourage you to submit your request at your earliest opportunity. Our first round of call for project will be due no later than Sept. 30th.

What is co-op?

Co-operative education is a model of education that integrates a student’s formal academic learning and workplace learning. The usual plan is for the student to alternate periods of school and work experience in appropriate fields of business, industry, government, social services and the professions in accordance with specific requirements.

What is a work term?

Work terms are typically four, eight or 12 months in duration. At Brock, we can be flexible to meet the needs of our employers/industry. Each four-month term needs to be a minimum of 420 hours (full-time employment based on an average of 35 hours/week).

What’s in it for me?

While students benefit from the “hands-on, real-world” work experience, employers benefit in a number of ways as well:

  • A cost-effective and low-risk way to recruit and evaluate potential permanent hires
  • Access to a workforce of qualified, motivated students with significant academic and employment-readiness training. Brock students are able to hit the ground running and make an immediate contribution to your organization
  • Brock Co-op students bring a fresh perspective and knowledge of leading-edge concepts to your team
  • Co-op students are required to fulfil the terms of their employment obligations. The quality of the work term is monitored and formally evaluated
  • Relief for short-term peaks in workload, as well as help with special projects and research. Hiring Co-op students can also reduce costs associated with recruiting through traditional media sources or third-party vendors
  • You may receive federal and provincial wage subsidies and tax credits (the amount varies depending on the program of study)

Why should I hire from Brock Co-Op?


Brock Co-op Students are highly invested in their work terms. Required as part of their degree program, the students have chosen the Co-op option to gain relevant work experience in their field. Highly motivated students with a positive attitude have been identified repeatedly by our employers as the “Brock difference”. Brock students are exposed to a mixture of
in-class opportunities and experiential education opportunities (including Co-op) to ensure that the skills and techniques they are learning are relevant to, and can have practical applications to, the workforce and the challenges faced by employers.


Our continuous hiring process is an effective and efficient practice that allows employers to post positions, interview students and make an offer(s) at any time during the recruitment and selection period. Students will respond to your offer within 48 business hours.

What is expected of me as an employer during a work term?

Once you have a student in place (see Hiring process), the Brock Co-op Education team continues to be available to support both you and the student throughout the term to ensure the quality of the experience meets both of your expectations. At Brock, we consider our employers as ‘education partners.’

To assist in the development of skills and expectations of workplace behaviours, we ask that employers participate in a work site visit approximately halfway through the work term. A Co-op staff team member will arrange to meet with the student and their supervisor individually to discuss their progress and performance. At the end of the work term, a link to an online performance evaluation is sent to supervisors. Our students welcome feedback on their job performance and see it as a vital part of their learning process and professional development.


  • Provide a paid career-related work experience with duties related to the program of study
  • Provide orientation training and ongoing supervision
  • Employ the student for the agreed work-term offered
  • Complete a work site visit and the final evaluation

80% of employers say co-op students are potential future employees*

*Leger Marketing employer survey for Universities Canda, 2014.

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