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Province backs off forced amalgamation for Niagara

October 25, 2019

The possibility that Queen’s Park will mash together Niagara cities and towns through forced amalgamation appears to be dead. Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister Steve Clark announced on Friday that the province is abandoning any idea of forcibly amalgamating municipalities in Niagara and a number of other regions in Ontario, almost 10 months after the…

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Tomorrow’s Niagara – What Government Reform Means for Niagara

March 16, 2019

Download our Executive Summary and Full Government Reform Paper below: Executive Summary – Reform (PDF)        Governance Reform Paper – (PDF) Preamble Although the Region and the twelve municipal governments are co-equal, they will be referred to as upper- and local-tier respectively in this document for the sake of brevity. The Regional Municipality of…

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Tomorrow’s Niagara – Executive Summary

March 15, 2019

The Ontario Government announced a review and potential reform of Niagara’s municipal governance structure. Here is an overview of different governance models. The summaries below include some of the more notable advantages and challenges for each model. For more detail, see the full background paper.  Status Quo Niagara’s government structure remains unchanged No cost –…

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Keeping all options on the table

June 26, 2015

Earlier this week, a roundtable of 20 business leaders were asked by Regional Chair Alan Caslin two simple questions: the first was “Do you support the Regional Chair and Budget Chair’s view that a 0% tax levy increase will be the best levy option for Niagara businesses to grow, and that the Region begin work…

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Mixed reaction to call for one Niagara

June 24, 2015

A call from business leaders for one level of government in Niagara came as no surprise to Brian Heit. “I’ve been dealing with these business people for 25 years, I’ve known that,” the longtime regional councillor from St. Catharines said Wednesday. “I’ve sat at city council. I’ve known that if we want to achieve something…

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