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Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce

Phone Spoofing: An Alert to GNCC Members

Did you get a phone call from 905-684-2100?

If so, you may have been contacted by a scammer using number-spoofing technology.

A quick Google search reveals that 905-684-2100 was the fax line that the Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce used in previous years. That fax line has been canceled, and direct calls to 905-684-2100 receive the recorded response “This number is not in service.” How, then, is that number showing up on caller ID?

Scammers are using various kinds of technology to hide their true location or phone number. Phone number spoofing has legitimate uses – for instance, a call centre operating on behalf of a client may change their caller identification so it appears that the call is coming from the client. However, this technology is being used by scammers to appear that they are government agencies, police offices, and so on.

Spoofers are even spoofing the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

What can you do if you receive such a call?

If you receive a phone call or a text message from a suspected scammer, you can report it by visiting the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre or by calling 1-888-495-8501.

The GNCC has also taken steps to report the spoofing. Unfortunately, the measures we have already taken (such as canceling the fax line) cannot prevent others from spoofing our previous fax number.

The CRTC is also working with telecom providers to find ways to block scammers and allow customers to better filter calls. As well, new traceback processes and upcoming caller ID authentication/verification measures should help reduce the frequency of these annoying calls.

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