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Niagara Health celebrates our more than 600 doctors on Doctors’ Day

Dr. Samreen Malik, a Niagara Health Hospitalist (a dedicated in-patient physician).

Niagara Health is celebrating the dedication and commitment of our talented and caring physicians by joining in the celebration of Doctors’ Day on May 1. Our more than 600 doctors make a significant difference each day in the lives of our patients and their families.

“On behalf of the Niagara Health team, I would like to say a sincere thank you for the extraordinary care our physicians provide our patients and our community,” says Dr. Tom Stewart, Niagara Health Chief of Staff and Executive Vice President Medical. “We are very appreciative of their commitment to the highest standards of care and their efforts to achieve our vision of a healthier Niagara.”

Dr. Parminder Brar, President of the Niagara Health Medical Staff Association, adds: “We would also like to thank all of our doctors who retired in the last year for their excellent years of service and extraordinary commitment to improving the health of our communities.”

Niagara Health President Dr. Suzanne Johnston notes that Doctors’ Day is an opportunity to acknowledge the talent and accomplishments of our physicians. “We’re grateful for the contributions of our doctors who work together with other members of our multidisciplinary team to make a significant impact on the people we serve,” she says.

Doctors’ Day also provides an opportunity to welcome our new physicians and celebrate our doctors who have taken on new leadership roles over the past year.

There have been about 30 physician recruitments at Niagara Health over the past year. They include:

  • Dr. Luke Bristow, Orthopedic Surgery
  • Dr. Akash Patel, Gastroenterology
  • Dr. Amir Abrishami, Anesthesia
  • Dr. Surbhi Khandelwal, Hospitalist
  • Dr.  LaurinaTurcotte, Emergency Medicine
  • Dr. Edmond Chau, Anesthesia
  • Dr. Bander Baw, Emergency Medicine
  • Dr. Rabeh Elzuway, General Internal Medicine
  • Dr. Syed Bokhari, Hospitalist
  • Dr. Anil Aekapudi, Anesthesia
  • Dr. Deppak Hamumanthaiah, Anesthesia
  • Dr. Vandana Vaishnav, Anesthesia
  • Dr. Bennett Haynen, Cardiology
  • Dr. Seth Glassman, Infectious Diseases
  • Dr. Aasim Hassany, Respirology
  • Dr. Luigi Matteliano, Radiology
  • Dr. Manon Tougas, General Internal Medicine
  • Dr. Mina Guirgis, Vascular Surgery
  • Dr. Navjeet Sangha, General Internal Medicine
  • Dr. Saeed AlQahtani, Emergency Medicine
  • Dr. Doaa El Rouby, General Internal Medicine
  • Dr. Lucas Ciprietti, General Internal Medicine
  • Dr. Shlok Gupta, General Internal Medicine
  • Dr. Dan Segal,Gastroenterology
  • Dr. Ali Sabri, Radiology
  • Dr. Michael Da Rosa, Radiology
  • Dr. Stephanie Tatzel, Urology
  • Dr.  Vipul Jain, Allergy & Immunology
  • Dr. Aidan Jeffery, Emergency Medicine

Niagara Health physicians who have moved into new leadership positions over the past year:

  • Dr. Johan Viljoen, Deputy Chief of Staff
  • Dr. Rafi Setrak, Emergency Medicine (Chief)
  • Dr. Hari Vasan, CCRT Medical Director
  • Dr. Marian Kotrec, Cardiology (Medical Director, Cardiac Stress Testing Lab)
  • Dr. Adnan Hameed, Cardiology (Medical Director, CCU, HFC)
  • Dr. Jeremy Adams, Cardiology (Medical Director, Echo Labs)
  • Dr. Michael Tsang, Cardiology (Medical Director, NH HIU)
  • Dr. Rob Mackett, Cardiology (Medical Director, Pacemaker & Devices)
  • Dr. Alexandra Bojcevski, Cardiology (Medical Director, CRAC)
  • Dr. Doris Wiens, Head of Service Emergency Department, SCS
  • Dr. Khaled Ibrahim, Head of Service Gastroenterology
  • Dr. Helen Caetano, Head of Service ENT
  • Dr. Shira Brown, South Niagara Deputy Chief of Emergency Medicine & South Niagara Transformation Lead
  • Dr. John Ostrowski, Head of Service, Orthopedics
  • Dr. Melanie Senechal, SADV Medical Director


On April 26, physicians from all across Niagara gathered at the Hilton Hotel in Niagara Falls to officially celebrate Doctors’ Day. We encourage you to share a tweet or a Facebook post thanking your doctor using the hashtag #DocsRock2017.

About Doctors’ Day

Doctors’ Day is celebrated across the province each May 1 to recognize Ontario’s 29,000 doctors and their commitment to improving the health of all patients. May 1 was chosen to mark the birthday of Dr. Emily Stowe- Canada’s first female physician and founder of the woman’s movement in this country.

Every day, more than 320,000 patients across Ontario are treated and cared for by doctors who are working together to provide high-quality care. At Niagara Health, our doctors demonstrate our purpose; extraordinary caring, every person, every time.


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