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Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce

Land Art Design Landscape Architects Inc.

LAND ART DESIGN Landscape Architects Inc. is a design studio founded in 1996 by the president, Jacqueline R. VanderVelde after she had worked for many years for several of the provinces largest landscape architectural firms.

The firm is based in Toronto and Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada. The portfolio of award-winning commissions include urban design, planning and the landscape designs for streetscapes, parks and plazas, theatres, museums, university campuses, corporate headquarters, as well as private gardens for commercial & large-scale residential developments.

LAND ART DESIGN Landscape Architects Inc. (LAD) seeks to design visionary and imaginative spaces in the public realms that improve the enjoyment and usefulness of the outdoors while minimizing the impacts of development and enhancing the balance of natural processes. The public realm provides the greatest opportunity to combine the art of man with the beauty of nature. Through composition, detail and spacial design, they endeavor to reveal the unique character of each space and to encourage exploration, reflection, discovery and contemplation in the outdoor environment for people of all ages, abilities and social economic backgrounds.

The LAD team has experience designing, building and restoring spaces in the public realm for a broad range of insightful public, private, and corporate clients. Their design collaboration with their knowledgeable clients facilitates a unique approach and solution to each project.

The team’s vision of transformation viewed in concert with the site itself: the complex, existing, multi-layered place that has been shaped through an entire history of natural and cultural processes lays a foundation for an ever evolving landscape that only comes to full fruition with the passage of time.

LAND ART DESIGN LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS INC. is just what you weren’t expecting. We produce designs that help you sell your project, we help you get necessary approvals and, when working with LAND ART DESIGN you will find us very easy to work with. We ingrain ourselves in your team so we all work towards a common goal. Our enthusiasm fuels us. We bring energy and interest to your project and create the ideal solution for your space. Some firms push their own agendas – we push your best interests. We do that by listening and reacting. We listen to your goals and create something beautiful and unique just for you. We don’t see constraints as limits; rather we see them as opportunities. We love creating unique solutions for your constraints. We are not afraid to take risks nor do we rest on our laurels. Every client and every project is different so every design is different. Our exceptional customer service and boutique size allow us to work fast. We have an agile approach that allows us to be truly responsive.

We believe that both romance and novelty are integral parts of successful landscape projects. Rather than cold, machined designs, we keep craftsmanship alive. We want the transition between nature and our projects to be seamless. Nature inspires our designs, so users feel indigenous in them – like they belong. We aim for all our projects to promote the well-being of the community. We want them to garner social and community interaction.

Our designs are meticulous. We treat our clients as if they are our own projects, and give them the attention they deserve. Our first priority is to ensure our clients have been properly serviced. We strive to give the best customer service experience in the industry.


Danielle Gregoire
4999 Victoria Avenue
Niagara Falls ON L2E 4C9

LAND ART DESIGN Landscape Architects Inc.

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