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Join the hundreds of firms reaping the rewards of the Health and Safety Excellence program

More than four million dollars in rebates have been issued to WSPS members through the Health and Safety Excellence program. Find out how.

If you are not already familiar with the WSIB’s Health and Safety Excellence program (HSEp), it’s time to get involved—especially if your business has less than 100 employees. “Right now, smaller businesses with less than 100 employees will receive $1000 from WSIB, in addition to earning double their regular rebate from working through the program,” says Jeff Pedlow, a Senior Consultant with WSPS. With these financial incentives, there’s never been a better time to bolster your health and safety management system with HSEp.

The WSIB introduced the Health and Safety Excellence program (HSEp) a few years ago to give large and smaller employers a clear roadmap for improving their workplace health and safety. HSEp is an incentive program that integrates aspects of the previous WSIB incentive programs. Each year, as companies build out their health and safety management system, they earn financial and non-financial rewards. “It’s more than just the rewards and reaching compliance,” Jeff points out. “It’s about helping companies develop and sustain their internal health and safety system while introducing companies to all the health and safety opportunities and resources that they never knew existed. In the end, it’s about walking through your business and seeing the faces of your employees and knowing deep down that you are doing your best to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses, and that everyone gets to go home healthy and safe, every day.”

How it Works

  1. Register your company with WSPS, an approved HSEp provider.
  2. Select up to five health and safety topic/programs (i.e., first aid and roles and responsibilities) from a list of more than 36 for your company to work on.
  3. Work with a dedicated WSPS health and safety consultant and use the resources provided to develop your selected topics.
  4. Submit evidence of the work you’ve done on your selected topics to your WSPS consultant for feedback before you submit to WSIB.
  5. Receive financial rewards from WSIB when successful.

Successful companies receive a rebate, along with non-financial recognition of their health and safety accomplishments. And, as Jeff mentioned, if your company has less than 100 employees, you will also receive $1000 from WSIB once you have selected the topics that you would like to begin integrating into your business. The $1000 incentive is designed to offset any costs associated with developing those topics. In addition, for smaller businesses, don’t forget that your rebate will be doubled in 2023. Hundreds of companies, both large and small, have already achieved success, which has led to more than four million dollars in rebates provided to WSPS members.

With WSPS, you will connect with a dedicated health and safety consultant who will meet with you on a regular basis—at least monthly—as you work through your chosen topics. You also gain exclusive access to quarterly networking events and all of WSPS’ health and safety resources, such as sample policies, procedures, and tools, to assist you along the way. “The Health and Safety Excellence program really opens the door to everything WSPS has to offer. For companies that don’t have a lot of experience with health and safety, the Health and Safety Excellence program is a great starting point,” says Jeff. He highlights the fact that WSPS continues to support companies well after they’ve completed the HSEp program. “As the largest HSEp provider in the province and one of Ontario’s health and safety associations, WSPS connects members to health and safety experts and resources,” says Jeff. “With the Health and Safety Excellence program, we start at the beginning and see you all the way through the program and beyond.”

How WSPS Can Help

Find out more about the Health and Safety Excellence program and the benefits of becoming a member. 

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