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Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce

To ensure that GNCC events uphold the values of the GNCC and are inclusive, welcoming, and productive, we request that all speakers at a GNCC event adhere to this code of conduct. 

 The values of the GNCC are: 

  • Forward-thinking 
  • Non-partisan and principled 
  • Inclusive, collaborative and respectful 
  • Accountable and responsible 

Professionalism, Respect, and Courtesy


We ask that speakers treat all attendees, organizers, and other speakers with respect and courtesy, regardless of differences in opinions, backgrounds, or beliefs. 

Speakers are expected to maintain a professional demeanour and adhere to the established guidelines and expectations set forth by the event organizers. 

Speakers should maintain a positive tone and refrain from negative comments or comparisons with other organizations or individuals, whether they are present or not.  

Speakers must adhere to any specific guidelines or rules provided by the event organizers, including those related to content, language, and presentation format. 

Inclusivity, sensitivity, and informed consent 


Speakers must refrain from making discriminatory or harassing remarks or engaging in behavior that could make others feel uncomfortable or unwelcome 

Speakers should strive to create an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome and valued, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, religion, age or any other characteristic. 

Speakers should obtain informed consent before tackling topics or sharing personal stories, anecdotes, or examples that could potentially be sensitive or triggering for some attendees. 

The GNCC strongly suggests that speakers avoid the following topics altogether unless specifically requested by the event organizers: 

  • Sexual assault 
  • Abuse and harassment 
  • Child abuse/pedophilia/incest 
  • Animal cruelty or animal death 
  • Self-harm and suicide 
  • Eating disorders, body hatred, and fat phobia 
  • Violence, blood, and bodily harm 
  • Invasive or traumatic medical treatment 
  • Pornographic or sexual content 
  • Kidnapping and abduction 
  • Death or dying 
  • Pregnancy and childbirth 
  • Miscarriage or abortion 
  • Mental illness and ableism 
  • Racism and racial slurs 
  • Sexism and misogyny 
  • Classism 
  • Hateful language directed at religious groups (e.g., Islamophobia, anti-Semitism) 
  • Transphobia and trans misogyny 
  • Homophobia and heterosexism 

If a speaker feels that discussion of one or more of these subjects is essential to their speech, they are strongly advised to inform GNCC staff well in advance of the event. Staff can then prepare the audience with content warnings or obtain informed consent from the audience, and provide those who wish to leave discreetly an opportunity to do so. 

These requirements extend both to speech and to audiovisual presentations, signs, placards, clothing, and so forth. 

Where a moderator is present, they may redirect, rephrase, or discard audience questions that violate these guidelines or are likely to produce answers that violate these guidelines at their discretion. 

Accuracy and integrity 

Speakers should ensure that the information they present is accurate and supported by evidence, and they should refrain from spreading misinformation and falsehoods or engaging in deceptive practices. 

Respect for time

Speakers should adhere to the allotted time for their presentation and respect the schedules of the event organizers, the audience, and other speakers. Speakers should be aware that events cannot be extended, and going over their allotted time necessarily reduces the time allowed for other speakers.  

If a speaker feels they cannot deliver their speech in the time allotted, they are strongly advised to inform GNCC staff well in advance of the event. 



Speakers are accountable for their own words and actions at a GNCC event. Should it be necessary to preserve the integrity of the event, the values of the GNCC, or for another pressing reason, the GNCC reserves the right to interrupt or stop any speech which deviates from this code of conduct where prior notice of deviation has not been given by the speaker. 

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