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Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce

2023 WIBAs: Entrepreneurship Award

We’re here to celebrate a remarkable entrepreneur whose passion for food and dedication to quality have not only shaped a thriving business but have also enriched our lives. The Entrepreneurship Award recognizes female small- to medium-sized business owners who have achieved outstanding success and demonstrated a commitment to their community. It is with great pleasure that we announce Lori McDonald as this year’s deserving recipient.

Lori, the CEO and Founder of Provisions Food Company, joined the Niagara community in 1998. Driven by the allure of the region’s food and wine industry, she embarked on a journey that would see her wear many hats – from cook and server to events planner, cheese shop manager, kitchen garden tender, vineyard worker, and newspaper article writer. Little did she know how invaluable these diverse experiences would become when she founded Provisions Food Company in 2012.

At Provisions, Lori’s deep love for food and wine in Niagara shines through in every product she creates. With a focus on local sources, high quality, and flavor, Lori and her team have crafted a delectable array of gourmet products, including jams and jellies, sweet and savory shortbreads, gourmet popcorn, seasoning salts, and delightful shortbread cookies, all inspired by the Niagara Region of Canada.

Lori’s journey in the food and wine industry was met with unprecedented challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Provisions Food Company, like many small businesses, faced a daunting task in navigating these unforeseen difficulties. In response, Lori and her team demonstrated remarkable resilience and adaptability.

They recognized the paramount importance of supply chain resilience and diversification to maintain the essential flow of goods. Simultaneously, they embraced e-commerce expansion, optimized their online presence, and met surging online demand.

Innovation played a pivotal role as well. Lori and her team adapted their product portfolio to align with shifting consumer preferences, emphasizing the importance of sharing meals at home and enjoying the charcuterie accoutrements they offered.

Digital transformation was instrumental in gathering insights into changing consumer behavior, leading to personalized marketing strategies and fostering brand loyalty. Lori prioritized consumer engagement through active communication and addressed concerns promptly.

At the core of Provisions Food Company’s response was a commitment to safety, sustainability, agility, remote work, and cost management. These principles ensured that their business not only survived but thrived in the face of adversity.

Lori McDonald’s commitment to her community extends beyond the kitchen. Provisions Food Company frequently donates food to Community Cares organizations, supports local school breakfast clubs, and tackles food scarcity issues head-on in their community. They became a member of the Living Wage program, ensuring their employees have a sustainable quality of life.

Provisions Food Company’s growth trajectory is a testament to their unwavering dedication to quality, innovation, and sustainability. They have expanded their product lines and collaborated with marketing partners to reach a wider audience. This holistic approach to growth, coupled with strategic hires and marketing partnerships, has paved the way for continued success.

Furthermore, Lori is exploring opportunities for automation in production, marking a significant step forward for the company’s excellence, efficiency, and market leadership. Embracing automation will enhance production efficiency, quality control, and cost-efficiency, ensuring Provisions Food Company remains at the forefront of innovation.

Lori McDonald and Provisions Food Company have not only left an indelible mark on the culinary world but have also made a significant impact on their community. Their commitment to sustainability, quality, and the well-being of their employees exemplifies their dedication to making the world a happier place, one person at a time.

In conclusion, Lori McDonald’s journey as an entrepreneur is a testament to the spirit of resilience and innovation that defines her and Provisions Food Company. Her passion for food, unwavering commitment to quality, and dedication to the community have earned her the Entrepreneurship Award. We celebrate her outstanding achievements and look forward to witnessing the continued success of Provisions Food Company under her visionary leadership.

Congratulations, Lori, for this well-deserved honor, and thank you for your invaluable contributions to our community and our taste buds.

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