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Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce

2023 WIBAs: Emerging Business Award

It is my great honour to help celebrating an entrepreneur whose journey is rooted in a deep sense of purpose and a commitment to holistic wellness. It is with immense pride and admiration that we announce Stacey Stemplowski as the well-deserving winner of the Emerging Business Award.

Stacey’s story begins in the heart of the Niagara region, where she nurtured her passions from an early age. Her calling was clear – to support individuals throughout their life journeys, a mission that would shape her career and inspire her to embark on a remarkable entrepreneurial venture.

After completing her Bachelor of Arts Degree at Brock University, Stacey embarked on her professional path in Social Services. Her journey led her through a diverse range of sectors, including Domestic Violence, Mental Health, and Addictions. Drawing from these experiences, she furthered her commitment to supporting individuals by obtaining her Registered Psychotherapist (RP) designation.

What sets Stacey apart is her profound belief in holistic well-being, which led her to attain certifications in Yoga and Reiki. Stacey’s approach is a fusion of mental and emotional support with physical wellness. She passionately advocates for a more comprehensive model of care, one that empowers individuals and ensures that mental health support is accessible and respectful.

As a dedicated advocate for women in Niagara, Stacey serves as a proud member of the Niagara Region Women’s Advisory Committee and currently holds the position of Vice Chair for the Women in Niagara or WIN Council. Her commitment to empowering women in her community is a testament to her leadership and passion for positive change.

Stacey’s visionary business, Grounding Balance, reflects her holistic approach to wellness. The agency seeks to create a shift away from the medical model, placing the well-being of individuals at the forefront. This is more than just a business; it’s a mission to eliminate waitlists and delays in commencing what is inevitably a deeply personal journey.

Grounding Balance is built on respect-based principles, empowering individuals to advocate for themselves and choose their mental health providers based on their unique needs and preferences. It’s about restoring autonomy to those seeking support, allowing them to chart their path to wellness.

A person-centered approach is the cornerstone of Stacey’s strategic planning. She understands that today’s business environment is dynamic, and by embracing change, her agency can offer a supportive structure that caters to individual financial boundaries. This includes offering sliding scales to meet financial constraints and forging strong partnerships with organizations to reach people through EAP, thereby reducing financial obligations. Stacey and her team tirelessly work to diminish the barriers that often hinder individuals from connecting with mental health support.

Grounding Balance offers a wide array of services, ensuring that people have access to options and formats that best suit their unique needs. The commitment to the community extends beyond the agency’s doors. Stacey’s dedication is not just about offering services with fewer roadblocks; it’s also about increasing awareness, destigmatizing mental health, and relying on evidence-based approaches.

Community partnership is of utmost importance to Stacey and her team. They actively participate in community-based events, aligning their values and mission with those of their neighbors. The staff at Grounding Balance are committed to giving back to local agencies and organizations. Their involvement in the community reflects the agency’s deep-rooted respect for its partners and its unwavering dedication to raising awareness and fostering development.

Stacey Stemplowski’s entrepreneurial journey is a testament to her commitment to wellness, advocacy, and the empowerment of individuals on their life journeys. She stands as a shining example of what can be achieved when passion and purpose unite in a business venture. She embodies the spirit of the Emerging Business Award, and her work is an inspiration to us all.

We congratulate Stacey and Grounding Balance on their incredible journey and the positive impact they continue to make on the lives of individuals in the Niagara region and beyond. Thank you, Stacey, for your unwavering dedication to the well-being of people and community.

Congratulations on receiving the Emerging Business Award.

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