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Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce

Small Business Month Workshop 1: Going Digital

It has never been more important for businesses to have a solid presence on the internet. Are you there yet?

Join Giant Shoe Creative for our first Small Business Month webinar, presented by Meridian and supported by MNP.

Guest speakers:

  • Brad Moore, CEO, Giant Shoe Creative
  • Rachel Dedinsky, Marketing & Digital Media Strategist, Giant Shoe Creative


Marketing 101

Small business owners are passionate about what they do and bring to their community. With so many moving parts to starting and growing a company, marketing often falls off of the never-ending to-do list, even when it can be integral to the success of a business. The team at Giant Shoe Creative Agency will explore best marketing practices such as identifying your target market, cohesive branding and positioning that can truly elevate your business.

Social Media

The digital space has never been more essential to tap into for business owners. They are learning how to pivot and adapt their brands in the online space, and social media marketing is at the forefront of this movement. The team at Giant Shoe Creative Agency will explore the fundamentals of social media marketing, identifying best practices on areas such as positioning, engagement, branding and storytelling.


Accessibility, convenience and a decrease in the average attention span are moving to the forefront of approaching “the digital consumer”. With the barriers that society is currently presenting small businesses with, customers crave ease of mind and comfort – two factors that e-commerce brings to the table. With these elements in mind, e-commerce continues to be one of the most important moves a brand can make in the digital space. The team at Giant Shoe Creative Agency will explore the essentials of making the leap into e-commerce and best practices to integrate e-commerce into different facets of your business.