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Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce

Request for Proposal (RFP) for: Financial Auditing Services

    The Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce (GNCC) is inviting proposals from pre-qualified firms to provide Financial Auditing Services for the organization’s fiscal years falling in the period January 1, 2022 – December 31, 2024. It is the intent of this document to identify in general terms the types of services and the content of proposals required by the GNCC.
    The Greater Niagara Chamber (GNCC) is a provincially incorporated not-for-profit organization that was established in 2011.

    Our Vision:
    Niagara to be at our economic and social best.

    Our Mission:
    With broad engagement, we advance the interests of our membership through advocacy and services, building prosperity for the people of Niagara.

    The successful proponent shall prepare audited financial statements, from comprehensive working papers, for the GNCC, in accordance with generally accepted accounting practices. The firm will be expected to present the Audited Financial Statements to the Annual General Meeting to be held no later than 120 days after the fiscal year end of December 31, for a term of three (3) years. In addition to the audited financial statements, the successful proponent shall also assist in preparing the required annual filings with the Canada Revenue Agency.
    Date and Method for Receiving Proposals 

    PDF [ELECTRONIC] PROPOSALS should be emailed to no later than 4:00 p. m. local time, February 1, 2022.
    Please enable password security on your PDF when opening/viewing the document. Passwords may be texted via SMS to Stephanie Farr at 905-640-4750.Please text your password using the following guidelines:Hello, this is [Company Name]. Please use [Password] to access our RFP.Alternately, you may upload submissions using a form on our website:
    Auditing Services Form

    If you need assistance creating your secure PDFs, or prefer to submit printed copies, please email for assistance.

    Proposals received after 4:00 p. m. local time will be returned unopened.

    Contact and Clarification

    All requests for information and/or clarification must be directed to Mishka Balsom, CEO, GNCC via e-mail: or phone 905-684-2361.


    One (1) digital submission of the proposal is required. The document submitted should be a PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format and the file name should clearly identify the firm submitting the proposal.

    In addition to the proposal, please submit a separate PDF containing the APPENDIX ‘A’ FEE SCHEDULE.

    If you prefer to submit physical (printed) copies, please prepare two (2) copies of the proposal. Physical proposals shall be addressed and submitted to Mishka Balsom, CEO, in an envelope, which clearly identifies the documents enclosed.  This envelope shall also clearly identify the name and address of the firm submitting the proposal.  Email to coordinate delivery of physical submissions.

    In addition to the two proposals, a separate sealed envelope containing the APPENDIX ‘A’ FEE SCHEDULE shall be submitted. This envelope should be contained within the main proposal envelope. Only one copy of the fee schedule is necessary. The Fee Schedule envelope shall be clearly marked as to its contents.


    All proposals must be legibly signed by an authorized officer. In addition, officers can include with their proposals a covering letter detailing any features of their firm, which they feel should be taken into consideration when evaluating the proposals.

    The submission to include the following:

    • A description of the firm and the qualifications of professionals which will be working directly with the organizations’ audits.
    • A description of experience providing services for comparable organizations.
    • Appropriate references that the GNCC may contact.
    • Fee structure including an estimate of the total billing.
    Proposals will be evaluated on (but not necessarily limited to) the following criteria, listed in no particular order of value:

    • Experience with comparable organizations
    • Completeness of submission
    • References
    • Qualifications of Professional Staff
    • Fee Structure
    • Previous experience and/or familiarity with GNCC Stewardship in the community

    In evaluation of proposals, it is clearly and indisputably understood by the proponents that the GNCC reserves the right to:

    • Consider any, none, or all of the proposals
    • Accept proposals in whole or in part
    • Negotiate with any or all firms in terms of Fees and/or Scope of Services being provided
    • Discuss different or additional items to those envisaged in this RFP
    • Amend or modify any terms of this RFP
    • Elect not to proceed with any proposal
    • Make a selection based on whom they feel will best provide the GNCC with the services best suited to the organization

    The GNCC may cancel or invalidate this Request for Proposal and may issue a second or subsequent Request for Proposal, at their discretion.

    It must be clearly understood that the decision of the GNCC shall be final and binding, and no debriefing, nor reasons for selection will be provided by the GNCC. Those firms invited to submit a Proposal will be in agreement to these conditions if submitting a Proposal.

    a) Membership in Good StandingTo submit the RFP, the company must be a member in good standing of the GNCC.
    b) Withdrawal of Proposals:A proposal may be withdrawn, unopened, prior to the closing date and time specified on the RFP if such a request is received in writing from the proponent. c) Disqualification of Proponents:More than one proposal from an individual firm, partnership, corporation or association under the same or different names will not be considered. Collusion between proponents will be sufficient for rejection of all proposals so affected.d) Incurred Costs:

    The GNCC will not be liable nor reimburse any proponent for costs incurred in the preparation of proposals or any other services that may be requested as part of the evaluation process.

    e) Cancellation:

    Failure by the successful proponent to comply with all terms, conditions and general provisions of this proposal to the satisfaction of the GNCC shall be just cause for the cancellation of the contract award. The GNCC shall then have the right to award this contract to any other proponent, or to re-issue the Request.

    f) Severability:

    Each and every paragraph, section, clause, sub-clause or other component of this document is severable one from the other. Should it be found by a court of competent jurisdiction that any one or more paragraphs or parts thereof are null and void, the validity of the remaining paragraphs or parts thereof shall not be affected.

    g) Freedom of Information:

    The GNCC may, at any time make public the names of all proponents. Additional information may be released in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, R. S. O. 1990, C. F. 31, as amended. Any proprietary or confidential information contained in the proposal should be clearly identified.

    h) Non-assignment:

    It is mutually agreed and understood that the proponent shall not assign, transfer, convey, sublet or otherwise dispose of their contract or their right, title or interest, or their power to execute the contract, to any other person, firm, company, or corporation without the previous written consent of the GNCC.

    i) Indemnification:

    The proponent shall indemnify and save harmless the GNCC, its officers and employees from and against all claims, losses; costs; damages; expenses (including legal fees and disbursements initially and with any and all appeals); suits; proceedings, or actions arising in any way out of or related to the proponent activities in executing the work pursuant to the provision of the contract, including omissions, improper act or delays in executing the work.

    j) Award/Rejection of Proposals:

    Neither the issuance of this document nor the acceptance of a reply shall constitute any obligation or imply any commitment on the part of the GNCC. The GNCC shall not be bound by any provision of this RFP in the negotiating agreements with a selected proponent/applicant. Not until a written agreement with the successful proponent/applicant has been entered into shall there be any binding agreement between the GNCC and the proponent.

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