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Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce

Social Enterprise Niagara launches new website to connect Changemakers in Niagara

A new website will connect Niagara’s social entrepreneurs and offer updates, resources and opportunities to join the conversation around social entrepreneurship. was created by Social Enterprise Niagara (#SENiagara), a local community of changemakers on a mission to educate, raise awareness, build community and connect people interested in establishing a social enterprise to the necessary resources. The website will serve as a community hub for Niagara’s current and potential social entrepreneurs.

Niagara’s community of social entrepreneurs aims to change the way we do business in Niagara. It’s not just about making profit – the private, public and non-profit sectors are joining forces to tackle our most pressing social and economic issues to create impactful change in our communities and around the world.

“We are a cross-sectoral collaboration of community groups, non-profits, business owners and citizens committed to supporting the growth of profitable, purpose-driven social enterprises in Niagara”, explains #SENiagara Planning Committee Member and aspiring social entrepreneur, Tom Jakop.

“Social Enterprise is not new to Niagara but having entrepreneurs and traditional businesses adding that social impact layer to their business plan is an emerging trend here we would like to see highlighted more”, adds Tom, “The new #SENiagara website will help bring greater awareness to Niagara’s many new and established social entrepreneurs and social enterprises.”

In 2016, Social Enterprise Niagara kicked off by declaring 2016 the Year of Social Enterprise in Niagara, and hosted a Social Startups forum in January. During the forum 145 participants identified some of the gaps and opportunities to be collectively addressed, and began planning meaningful next steps to build Niagara’s social entrepreneurial community from the ground up.

Since then, Social Enterprise Niagara has hosted monthly meetups to connect with social entrepreneurs and stakeholders in Niagara, as well as meet people in communities across Ontario who are also actively building social impact networks.

If you’re a social entrepreneur, or know someone who is, we’d love to hear your story. By sharing our successes and challenges, we can build a diverse community that truly learns from and serves its members. Visit


Media Contact:
Jennifer Sinclair, Planning Committee Member
cell: 905-359-0126

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