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Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce


REALTalk: Money Matters

Presented by NEXTNiagara Are you tired of living paycheque to paycheque and feeling like you’re never making progress with your… more »

RealTalk: Engaging in the upcoming municipal election

This month, our REALTalk Series will explore ways to engage in the upcoming municipal election. Presented by NEXTNiagara and Niagara… more »

ENGAGE: How to Turn Your Side Hustle or Idea to a Profitable Business

This talk will shed some light on the top three mistakes young entrepreneurs unknowingly make when launching and running a… more »

ENGAGE: Discovering YOU Workshop: Passion & Purpose

In this workshop, Andrea Sacco will walk you through the steps to discovering your passion & purpose. The workshop gives… more »

ENGAGE: Joining Boards of Directors; Leading and Learning

In this engaging session, strategy and governance expert Mark John Stewart will share insights on opportunities and pathways for young… more »

ENGAGE: When the House Lights Come On: Making A Career Jump

Stacey Kerslake landed her dream job, working in the music industry and contributing to campaigns for some of the biggest… more »

ENGAGE: Keynote with Laura Whaley

You know and love her — it’s Laura Whaley, and she’s your virtual work bestie from TikTok and Instagram. Laura’s… more »

ENGAGE: REALTalk: Getting Election Ready

Join NEXTNiagara council member Zach Dadson as he leads this REALTalk conversation with our panel of experts about the upcoming… more »

ENGAGE: Business in the Metaverse in 2030

The Metaverse, NFTs, XR, VR, AR, Blockchain, Crypto. Today there are a million and one acronyms and seemingly made up… more »

REALTalk: Safer Workplaces for BIPOC Employees

Presented by NEXTNiagara and Niagara Region Anti-Racism Association This month, our REALTalk Series will focus on creating a safer workplace… more »

REALTalk: Let’s Talk Food Security & Food Scarcity

This month, our REALTalk Series will explore food security and food scarcity in Niagara. What Conditions Create Food Insecurity? Neighbourhood… more »

NEXTNiagara Presents: Jump Start your Job Search

The global pandemic turned work as we knew it on its head and technological advancements changed hiring. Things aren’t what… more »

REALTalk: Let’s talk Anti-Racism and Affordable Housing

Presented by NEXTNiagara and Niagara Region Anti-Racism Association. Sponsored by YMCA of Niagara We live in a society in which… more »

Engage: Social Kickoff – How Real Connections Can Change Your Life

The #FiftyTwoCoffees Story Bobby Ray will join us to share the story of #FiftyTwoCoffees, an initiative he created that “exceeded… more »

Engage: She-Covery

The COVID-19 crisis is having a disproportionate economic impact on women, with women’s labour force participation rate falling to its… more »

Engage: Work–Life Balance & Showing Up Powerfully

Discover the importance of work–life balance and approaching life and work with the right mindset. Topics include physical fitness and… more »

Engage: The Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Social Impact Organization

This workshop is aimed at empowering participants to be community-oriented leaders and social innovators and to translate their passions into… more »

Engage: How to Be a Digital Accessibility Leader in Your Industry

One in five people have some form of disability that prevents them from being able to access digital information equally…. more »

Engage: Crush it with Personal Branding

Personal branding is no longer a “buzz word”. It’s becoming weaved into the very fabric of the online entrepreneurial conversation…. more »

Engage: Community Wellness

This workshop will speak to advocacy for wellbeing by supporting and mobilizing community. Individual wellbeing is incredibly important but there… more »

Engage: Business Finance 101

Finance is so important. It can also get very specific, very quickly. Whether you own a small to mid size… more »

Engage: The Art of Saying No—Life Lessons About Workplace Burnout & How to be a Supportive Colleague

Join Tarilyn Bartels for an in-depth look and personal experiences with workplace burnout. Discover why burnout is normal, the drive… more »

Engage: What Happened to All the Jobs in 2020?

Adam Durrant from Niagara Workforce Planning Board will take an in-depth look at the employment situation in Niagara, what impact… more »

Engage Keynote: Theresa Do, RBC — The Future of Work & Emerging Trends

Trinh Theresa Do will draw on her experiences leading the Thought Leadership & Economics team at RBC as she looks… more »

Engage: Career Conversations

Andrea Sacco and Kristen Nilsen discuss the path they followed to establish a satisfying dream career. Learn tips to stand… more »

Engage: Cooking & Cocktails with oddBird. and oddBar.

Take a lunch break with us as the crew from oddBird. and oddBar. share delicious meal and drink ideas on… more »

Engage Panel Discussion: Entrepreneurship

Join us for this panel discussion on the trials, tribulations and successes of being an entrepreneur. Our distinguished panelists will… more »

Engage Panel Discussion: Community Leadership & Active Citizenship

Join the panel for a discussion on leading within your community and being an active citizen. Our panelists will share… more »

Engage: Engaging Your Local Government 101

The Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How of your local government. After a brief history, meet the local players… more »

Engage: How to Pivot in 2021 — Making a Career Change for the Better

A career change is something that many young professionals have pondered, especially over the past year. Whether it’s a change… more »

Engage: The Holistic Home- How to Transform Your Space for Positivity and Productivity

In this session, Joanna Gasparotto will show you how to reinvigorate your space and your state of mind with simple… more »

Engage: Refresh Your Resume, Sell Your Skills

In this session, attendees will understand the purpose of the resume, and how to develop a document that highlights their… more »

Engage Keynote: Korey Jarvis — RBC Olympian

Join us for a keynote and Q&A session with Korey Jarvis, who represented Canada in the heavyweight category at the… more »

Engage: Welcome

  ENGAGE is the conference for young professionals — by young professionals. A day for young professionals across all industries… more »

Engage: Get Energized

Andrea McGee from Soul Fire Power Yoga will lead us in a morning routine to energize your day. Bring a… more »

NEXTNiagara Professional Development Series: How to Become a Board Member

A panel discussion to help you learn how to get the most out of sitting on a board of directors… more »